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Don’t Think We Forgot About The Chicago Pizza!

Don’t Think We Forgot About The Chicago Pizza!

Continuing on with our adventure through Chicago, we added a new international visitor to the mix. Having friends from both Sweden and France in town, we had to make a stop at Giordano’s for some delicious, Chicago style deep dish pizza. Yum!

Chicago Style Pizza

On Wednesday night we decided to check out Jazzin’ at the Shedd, another fantastic experience I had not yet taken advantage of. It was well worth it, and…

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When Sweden Meets Chicago

When Sweden Meets Chicago

Chicago, Illinois

Amidst all the other great reasons to volunteer abroad, there are the close friends you will meet along your journey. Sara is one of those, and she recently came to see my sister and I, and of course the wonderful city of Chicago, Illinois. I actually got to play a bit of a tourist in my own city, which was nice to slow down and soak up the history and vibe of the city I call home. She was in…

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True Life: I’m Addicted to Lists

True Life: I’m Addicted to Lists


I swear, sometimes it seems like everything in my life revolves around lists. I freak out if I don’t make them and I have so many of them it would probably drive some people crazy. But there are major perks to having lists, and having them available on-the-go ensures that I never forget anything important. Today’s post is a bit strange, but bear with me as I share with you a few of the…

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African Impact is Going Beyond the Roots!

African Impact is Going Beyond the Roots!

Ambassador BTR Map

Sending a shoutout to African Impact on this very special day as they celebrate 10 years of leadership and innovation in responsible volunteer travel!

In honor of their 10th anniversary, African Impact has launched an initiative called Beyond the Roots, where volunteers and staff will create 10 food gardens in different locations across Africa. These gardens will have long lasting impacts by…

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Health and Travel: You CAN Have It All!

Health and Travel: You CAN Have It All!


Who says we have to sacrifice fitness for travel? Traveling doesn’t mean that we must stop working out or paying attention to our health. On the contrary, it is exactly the opposite. Especially when we are traveling, it is more important than ever to make sure we are staying healthy and fit to take on any new adventure that awaits.


I’m not talking about going to a gym or signing up for a workout…

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How to Survive a Long Flight

How to Survive a Long Flight

Flight to Zambia

To my fellow travelers out there, we know that in many cases the “traveling” itself is actually the worst part. Some locations more than others can have excruciatingly long travel times while you wait in cramped anticipation to land at your final destination. Sorry to break it to you, but Floo Powder still only exists in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

When I first left for Zambia I had 30+…

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NAFSA First-Timer: My Conference Essentials

NAFSA First-Timer: My Conference Essentials

San Diego Bay

San Diego Convention Center

My very first NAFSA conference is in the books, and I had a fantastic experience. While it was great, it can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why I decided to share some tips on what essentials are an absolute must when preparing for a NAFSA conference and how to make the most out of the days you have there. (Disclaimer: Not every conference will be in a location as beautiful as San Diego, but…

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Life Lessons From a Seven-Year-Old

Life Lessons From a Seven-Year-Old


A few months ago I returned from Zambia on a volunteer teaching program. I went there to teach kids in the community. But I came back home with the discovery that not only did I teach them, but they taught me. Many of us are so concerned about having the newest car, the latest technology, or the biggest house. In reality, none of these material things really matter. Not in the way that personal…

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Fitspiration: Early Morning Motivation

Fitspiration: Early Morning Motivation

Morning Workout

Pact App

You may remember me posting about my training for the first 10K I ran in summer 2013. Since then, working out in the morning has become a part of me. How do I do it?

Get in a routine
This is critical to making those trips to the gym regular. When working out at the same time every day becomes a normal activity for you, it will be a lot easier to get your fitness on. Hint: Try using Pact App. I…

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